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College Statistics

Hispanic American
History and Culture


College Statistics

Hispanic American
History and Culture

Helpul Links:

College Statistics

Useful links to relevant websites about descriptive statistics, probability, and inferential statistics.


Business Statistics from Western Michigan University

Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics by Dr. Richard Lowry of Vassar College

Guide to General Statistics from Andrews University

Introductory Statistics by Dr. David Stockburher from Missouri State University

The Little Handbbok of Statistical Practice by Dr. Gerard Dallal of Tufts University

Online Statistics by Dr. David Lane of Rice University

Probability, Mathematical Statistics, Stochastic Processes by Dr. Kyle Siegrist of the University of Alabama

Research Methods for Communication Science by Dr. James H. Watt and Dr. Sjef van den Berg

Stats Without Tears by Stan Brown


Elementary Statistics by Dr. Nancy G. Bliwise of Emory College

Introduction to Probability and Statistics by Dr. Michael Cranston from the University of California

Khan Academy

Real Statistics Using Excel by Dr. Charles Zaiontz

The Really Easy Statistics Site by Dr. Jim Deacon

Stat Trek from Thomas Edison State University

Statistics How To by Stephanie Deviant

Usable Stats by Jeff Sauro


Foltz, Brandon

JB Statistics by Dr. Jereremy Balkas of the University of Guelph

Statistics by David Longstreet

Statistics Learning Centre by Dr. Nicola Petty

Statistics Lectures


Free Math Help

Math Help Forum

Statistics Forum

Talk Stats


Calculators by David Roth

Free Statistics Calculators by Dr. Daniel Sopher of California State University

Vassar Stats by Dr. Richard Lowry of Vassar College

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College statistics

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College Statistics

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